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2021 AFL Victoria Junior Metro Development Series: Week 2

The final siren sounded on the 2021 AFL Victoria Junior Metro Development Series on Wednesday 7 July. The Monash University South Metro Stars were split between Trevor Barker Beach Oval, Walker Reserve and Romsey Recreation Reserve to battle out their second game representing the SMJFL and their member clubs. After the SMJFL Interleague program was disrupted and ultimately cancelled in 2020, the South Metro Stars put a final coat of polish on the long-awaited representative series and made everyone at clubland proud.

Here are the results from Week 2 of the 2021 AFL Victoria Junior Development Series.

U14 Boys Div 1 (EDFL def SMJFL 22.11.143 to 2.8.20)

The U14 Division 1 Monash University South Metro Stars took to Walker Reserve, Mitcham to face EDFL once more in Week 2. The boys secured one goal in the first term, but struggled to break through EDFL’s sturdy defence. The Stars were after a come-back in the second half, with Alfie Lambert registering on the scoreboard, but it was a difficult task against EDFL’s booming forward-line. Notable mentions to Xavier Bamert, Thomas McCluskey, Eiden Pitt, Rory Wright and Archie Murrihy.

Goal Scorers: E.Pitt 1, A.Lambert 1

Best on Ground: Jethro Gunn

U14 Boys Div 2 (EFNL def. SMJFL 11.16.80 to 4.6.30)

The U15 Division 2 Monash University South Metro Stars headed into Week 2 with confidence, hot off their nine-point victory against EDFL in Week 1. EFNL broke away early in the piece, nabbing five goals in the first quarter. The Stars gained momentum in the second term, with Curtis Howe and Reuben Jewitt O’Reilly making a mark on the scoreboard. The Stars shone in slowing EFNL’s momentum, holding EFNL to just two goals in the second half while nabbing two goals for themselves. Notable mentions to Bennett Martin, Harvey Allan, Max Le Grand, Archer Harrop, Sachin Levine and Reuben Jewitt O’Reilly.

Goal Scorers: C.Howe 1, R. Jewitt O’Reilly 2, J.Mikhael 1

Best on Ground: Bennett Martin

U15 Boys Div 1 (SMJFL def. EFNL 8.12.60 to 5.8.38)

The U15 Boys Division 1 Monash University South Metro Stars used the Trevor Barker Beach Oval local crowd as momentum to lead them to a resounding 22-point victory. Luke Trainor was unmissable on ground, bagging six of the eight majors for the Stars. EFNL made a bid for a last minute come-back in the second half, but the Stars’ stalwart defence limited their opponents to just two more goals. Notable mentions to Zach Travers, Josh Dolan, Tas Hotton, Ted Clayton and Sam Fanning.

Goal Scorers: L.Trainor 6, P.Retschko 1, Z.Travers 1

Best on Ground: Luke Trainor

The U15 Div 1 Monash University South Metro Stars were all smiles. (Photo: Christopher Karamihos)

U15 Boys Div 2 (EFNL def. SMJFL 13.3.81 to 12.6.78)

The U15 Boys Division 2 Monash University South Metro Stars fell agonisingly short of securing a second victory, succumbing to EFNL by three points. The Stars made a statement early in the piece, with three goals in the first term. EFNL dug deep in the second quarter to push into their scoring 50, swiping four goals. The Stars held their breath in the third quarter as EFNL had more of the ball, taking their goal tally to 10 and cementing a nine-point lead before the final term. The Stars did well to boot four additional goals in the final quarter, proving their accuracy in front of goal, but fell just short of victory by three points. Notable mentions to Angus Bowd, Oliver Green, Aaron Taylor, Aris Moustakas and Lucas Bremner.

Goal Scorers: T.Fewings 2, O.Sormann 2, J.Archer 1, A.Cooper 1, L.Guida 1, B.Lamble 1, J.Mohr 1, L.Pecer 1, W.Simos 1, A.Taylor 1

Best on Ground: Jude Fountain

It was hard work for the U15 Boys Division 2 Monash University South Metro Stars against a solid opposition. (Photo: Christopher Karamihos)

U15 Girls Div 1 (EFNL def. SMJFL 14.8.92 to 12.3.15)

It was a tough day at work for the U15 Girls Division 1 Monash University South Metro Stars at Trevor Barker Beach Oval. EFNL were booming out the gates as they recorded five goals in the first term. The Stars made some quick bursts to their scoring fifty, exhibiting their agility and refined passing skills. However, EFNL were quick to prey on any fumbles, and were able to dispose of the ball back to their advantage. Young Star Caitlin Voss found her way back onto the scoreboard for a second week, and Angelina Torcasio rose to the occasion with a major in the final quarter. The Stars were noble in defeat and EFNL took the chocolate by 77 points. Notable mentions to Siena Ferrell, Lily Parsons, Amy Smith, Alexandra Calogero and Zoe Samuel.

Goal Scorers: C.Voss 1, A.Torcasio 1

Best on Ground: Matilda Clarkson

U15 Girls Div 2 (SMJFL def. RDFL 11.19.85 to 1.1.7)

The U15 Girls Division 2 Monash University South Metro Stars were meticulous in front of goal in their Week 2 clash against RDFL at Romsey Reserve. With all 11 goals scored by 11 individual scorers, the victory was a clear team effort and the Stars showed how they had bonded as a team in their months of training. The Stars were a well-oiled machine from start to finish, and booted a resounding 11 goals to seal their second victory. Notable mentions to Zari Mildenhall, Emily Bannon, Louisa (Lulu) Burney, Kera Galaminda and Stasia Stevenson.

Goal Scorers: K.Whorlton 1, G.Trajer 1, F.Shepard 1, T.Pucella 1, C.Phillips 1, M.Nankervis 1, Z.Mldenhall 1, V.MacGeorge 1, K.Galaminda 1, T.Eabry 1, der Merwe 1

Best on Ground: Cleo Phillips

The U15 Girls Div 2 Monash University South Metro Stars side’s marking talents were on show. (Photo: Christopher Karamihos)

Photos taken on the day were captured by Chris Karamihos and are available to view and purchase here.


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