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Project Stages

1.1 Project Scoping and Set-up

  • Scoping workshop with SMJFL representatives to inform the direction of the project.

  • 2-3 x consultations with SMJFL representatives and/or AFL Victoria.

  • Preparation of a communications plan.

1.2 Due Diligence and Gap Analysis

  • Review and analysis of relevant SMJFL and AFL documentation and data.

  • Detailed data analysis of SMJFL-registered players to track player journeys.

  • Benchmark comparison of SMJFL against other football and organised sport associations.

  • Preparation of a summary report identifying key themes, issues and opportunities to be further explored.

2.1 Research and Consultation

  • Online survey for 2022-2024 SMJFL players eligible for age exemptions to play U17.5 football, but did not apply (including 2024-eligible players that have not yet applied).

  • Up to 15 x in-depth interviews with senior Club representatives.

  • Development of a key findings and insights report.

2.2 Analysis and Reporting

  • Collaborative workshop with SMJFL representatives to present the research findings and implications.

  • Update the presentation report with the final analysis and recommendations.

  • Presentation of the final debrief report to SMJFL for review, feedback and finalisation

If you would be interested in joining the SMJFL Retention Working Party, please click HERE

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  • A final report consisting of:

    • A comprehensive data analysis and consolidation, including player journey trends and mapping. ​

    • A benchmark comparison of SMJFL against other football and organised sport associations.

    • A consultation summary, identifying the key drivers of positive/negative player experiences.

    • Final recommendations for SMJFL to improve player retention.

Desired Outcomes

  • To measure and understand the reasons for current retention, and identify opportunities to improve.

  • To identify areas SMJFL can improve the experiences of Club Administrators

Project Aim

  • Retention in organised sport is an industry-wide challenge, with many influential factors.

  • SMJFL has a strong commitment to improving retention.

  • There is increasing turnover amongst Club Administrators, Volunteers, and Officials

Situation and Context


OCG vacancies, career advice, transitioning and more


The SMJFL is pleased to announce that Solucio has been appointed to support the league's Player and Administrator Retention Research Project.

The project will enable a greater understanding of Participant and Administrator experiences and motivations, reasons for not continuing, and opportunities to improve retention. Importantly, this project will continue previous retention research undertaken prior to COVID.

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