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2024 Umpire Administration Officer* - Portia Ronsberg
*Role is also inclusive of appointments

2024 Boundary Appointments Coordinator - 

Weekend & Club Contact - Doug Haworth 
M: 0490 495 079 

Weekly Note: With any games which have NOT yet been fully appointed with field umpires we are endeavouring to have at least one appointed by game time, however you would be advised to have someone from your teams ready to take on an umpiring role. Please read below for instructions on what to do in the case of no umpire.

2024 Appointments
*Please note that appointments are subject to change

2024 Appointments Timeline

Club Provided Umpires – As per SMJFL By-law (21.17)

If an umpire has not yet been assigned for one of your team’s games the Umpiring Department will endeavour to supply an available umpire by the time the match begins. However, if there is no appointed Umpire you are obliged to proceed as if there will not be one supplied.​

Please be aware of the requirements for Club provided umpires under the SMJFL By-laws:

If an SMJFL Umpire is not appointed, it is the responsibility of the Club appointed Umpires to complete the Competition Match Report Form (including the allocation of votes, except in the case of Modified Rules formatted fixtures) and submit it via specified link on the SMJFL website.

To submit a Competition Match Report as a fill in Umpire, you must use this link here - We REQUIRE this by 9pm Sunday (Match Day).

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