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Social Media Submissions

At the SMJFL, we love celebrating the achievements of those within our community, and we know you love to see this content as well!

If you know of someone who has celebrated an achievement, made a significant impact in your community, a club who has an upcoming event/themed round, or just some deserves a shout out for the hard work they do, we want to hear about it! 

Please use the submission form below to submit your story.

Please note, these submissions may be shared across all or some of our platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, SMJFL Website, or our monthly SMJFL Snapshot newsletter.

Do you require the SMJFL to come to the club to capture content/write article for this story

DISCLAIMER: Although there is no guarantee every submission will be shared, we will do our best to give mention to as many as we can. Those submissions with images/videos have a higher chance of being shared, especially on photo/video based social media platforms like Instagram

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