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Welcome to 2023 and the SMJFL Modified Rules Competition.

Club umpires are responsible for officiating Under 8 Mixed, Under 9 Mixed, Under 10 Mixed, Under 10 Girls and Under 11 Girls Division 2 and below.


This role being performed by an accredited adult whom the players know, makes it easier for them to play the game and learn the rules in a low stress environment. Club umpires also know how to apply the modified rules which these age groups play to.

Thank you for volunteering your time as a Club Umpire – your role is an important one, and we have many resources to help you do your job. 


Handbooks and rules to download are available on this page.

Club Umpire Training Sessions

It is compulsory ALL Club Volunteer Umpires attend PART 1 of the training these sessions (session times on registration form).

It is not compulsory for returning club volunteer umpires (registered in 2022) to then attend Part 2 of an Information Session, as there are no rule changes for the 2023 Season.

You are welcome to refresh your knowledge prior to the Season. However, it is still compulsory for ALL returning Club Umpires to Register.

Code Of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is embedded in your registration. Please ensure you read it carefully before signing.

Club Umpire Competition Match Report (CMR) - Must be submitted by 9PM MATCH DAY

It is the responsibility of the HOME team’s umpire to submit the online version of the Competition Match Report (CMR), as soon as possible after you finish umpiring. Your club will be fined if you do not submit this form by 9pm on match day. 


CLICK HERE to enter Modified Rules Competition Match Report (CMR)

Please input data CAREFULLY, as wrong clubs, dates, and round numbers are time consuming to correct. Check the data on each page before submitting it. There is a drop down list of registered umpire names to select from. If your name, or the other umpires name is not listed simply select “NOT LISTED”. The SMJFL will contact with the club to find out why the Umpire is not registered.

NO Best & Fairest votes are required for modified rules matches (including U11 Girls Division 2)

If you experienced any problems during your game with other officials or clubs please call Doug Haworth on 0490 495 079 on match day.


Uniform is the Bright Yellow shirt provided by your CLUB. Please check with your club (not the league) if you haven’t got one yet.



OCG vacancies, career advice, transitioning and more


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