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Stars Shine at AFL Vic Metro Junior Development Series

It was a long drive for the teams this week as they headed out to Greenvale Reserve for week one of the AFL Victoria Junior Metro Development Series to take on Essendon Districts Football League (EDFL). For those who made the journey out to support the Monash University South Metro Stars (SMJFL) they were not disappointed, as game after game of high-quality football was on display. SMJFL gave a dominant performance winning five of the six games played.

U14 Boys Div 1 (EDFL 9.11.65 v SMJFL 12.4.76)

The boys got off to a great start taking a two goal lead into the first quarter. EDFL came fighting back in the second and managed to keep the Stars to 7 point quarters for the next two periods. The Monash University South Metro Stars couldn’t be held back and fought back to win the game by 11 points. Notable mentions to Jack Dalton (BOG), Ethan Lakman, Jethro Gunn, Josh White, Dion Zukerman, Ricky Theodoropoulos.

Goal Scorers: J. Dalton 1, K. Mountford 2, N. Will 1, A. Murrihy 2, M. Weir 1, A. Lambert 2, E. Lakman 1, E. Pitt 1, D. Zukerman 1

Best on Ground: Jack Dalton

U14 Boys Division 2 (Photo: Chris Karamihos)

U14 Boys Div 2 (SMJFL 7.9.51 v EDFL 6.6.42)

You wouldn’t have guessed it from the way they played that this group of boys had never played together before. They came out with something to prove, taking the first quarter 25 – 0. EDFL fought back hard in the second to get within 5 points heading into the half time break. The second half was one to watch with neither team giving an inch, but the Stars stayed strong and managed to take the victory by 9 points. Notable mentions James Mikhael (BOG), Bennett Martin, Curtis Howe, Harvey Allan, Archer Harrop, Dougal McCartney

Goal Scorers: S. Haywood 2, C. Howe 1, R. Jewitt O’Reilly 2, J. Mikhael 2

Best on Ground: James Mikhael

U15 Girls Div 1 (EDFL 11.2.68 v SMJFL 4.9.33)

The division one girls kicked off the day for week one of the AFL Victoria Junior Metro Development Series for the Monash University South Metro Stars. After a long drive out to Greenvale the girls were ready and raring to go. EDFL proved to be a tough opponent, leading the match from the outset and holding SMJFL to a goal a quarter for the entire game. Notable mentions to Siena Farrell (BOG), Lily Jones, Bianca Stranger, Emily Rundle, Amy Smith and Olive McLean.

Goal Scorers: J. Boyd 1, O. McLean 1, C. Voss 1, Z. Samuel 1

Best on Ground: Siena Farrell

U15 Girls Division 2 (Photo: Chris Karamihos)

U15 Girls Div 2 (SMJFL 12.15.87 v EDFL 0.0.0)

Having waiting eagerly all day to take the field the girls had energy to burn. Unfortunately, EDFL struggled to keep up with their grueling pace as the Monash University South Metro Stars kicked ahead of their opponents. Taking out the game with a massive 87-0 it was one for the books. Notable mentions Ruby Arnheim (BOG), Georgia Tysoe, Lulu Burney, Milly Nankervis, Kera Galaminda, Zari Mildenhall

Goal Scorers: L. Burney 3, K. Galaminda 3, M. Medland 2, T. Pucella 2, M. Nankervis, K. Whorlton

Best on Ground: Ruby Arnheim

U15 Boys Div 1 (EDFL 6.7.43 v SMJFL 10.11.71)

By the time the last match of the day to come around the U15 boys were eager to take to the field and it showed when they did. Taking the lead from the start of the game and keeping it for the entire game. Even losing two players to injury couldn’t stop the fight. Notable mentions Mitch Kirkwood-Scott (BOG), Murphy Reid, Zachary Travers, Sam Linder, Sam Fanning, Taj Hotton.

Goal Scorers: A Langworthy 2, Z. Travers 2, M. Chalamandaris 1, A. Cole 1, T. Hotton 1, M Kirkwood-Scott 1, M. Reid 1, T. Clayton 1

Best on Ground: Mitch Kirkwood-Scott

U15 Boys Div 2 (EDFL 3.1.19 v SMJFL 20.12.132)

When the boys took to the field the sun was shining ready for a great game. EDFL put up a great fight in the first quarter but the Stars proved to be too strong, keeping EDFL scoreless in the second half and taking out the game by a massive 113 points. Notable mentions Lucas Bremner (BOG), Dexter Prime, Aaron Taylor, Jack Von Fersen, Jude Fountain, Luke Ryan

Goal Scorers: D. Prime 6, O. Sormann 3, L. Bremner 1, B. Lamble, L. Ryan 1, A. Taylor 4, J. Von Fersen 2, H. Sheedy 1, J. Fountain 1

Best on Ground: Lucas Bremner

Photos taken on the day were captured by Chris Karamihos and are available to view and purchase here.


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