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Monday Monash Review: ‘Football 4 Fun’ Week 2

Week 2 of Football 4 Fun, presented by Monash University, certainly was a day of four seasons.

Teams from across the league returned to the field for a second time since the easing of restrictions at 9am, facing a light drizzle.

The rain halted in the afternoon with temperatures reaching a summery 27 degrees, giving teams a chance to catch some sunlight.

The summery weather, however, was short-lived as storm clouds loomed in the late-afternoon, with wet conditions presenting a surprising challenge for the older age divisions.

Despite the unpredictable weather, the league is celebrating another successful week of Football 4 Fun, and we hope all of the participating teams enjoyed the program this weekend!

If you or your club have any images from game day, we would love to see them! Send them through to the SMJFL at


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