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South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) today announces Major Sponsor Monash University, has extended its partnership for a further two years, up to and including 2024 and will be effective immediately.

Monash University has been the Major Sponsor of the SMJFL since 2017.

This multi-year extension strengthens Monash University’s support of SMJFL football and reinforces its commitment to fostering community sport for young people to grow and develop across many facets of life.

"Monash has an enduring commitment to community and this sponsorship is a chance to celebrate community and the power of sport to make lasting impact," said Eliana Ulusan, Monash University’s Audience Marketing Manager.

"This partnership celebrates all who work together to create the welcoming environments that these clubs provide. From the players and their families to the umpires, administrators and club volunteers – all contribute to deliver that impact."

2022 Monash University Leader of the Year Sachi Norton from Hampton Rovers AFC (Photography by Gary Bradshaw)

Monash University support numerous great initiatives throughout the league, including the SMJFL Interleague Squad, Monash University Leader of the Year Award and SMJFL Equity Fund, ensuring anyone who wishes to participate in the SMJFL has the means to do so.

“The leagues partnership with Monash University is built of such a strong existing relationship, we are delighted to have them as our Major Sponsor for the next two seasons,” said Matthew Brown, SMJFL CEO.

“Not only do Monash (University) help to facilitate what happens on-field in the SMJFL, but their commitment to the development of young people through initiatives such as the Leader of the Year, showcases how ideal a major sponsor for a junior sporting competition they are.”

"At Monash, the push to make an impact and create positive change is at the heart of everything we do. We want to reach out to people who are making an impact. We want to empower these people to either start or continue a journey of change,” Ulusan continued.

"It’s clear Monash and the League share a vision of change for the better, empowerment and planning for impact, so we’re thrilled to be able to work closely beyond 2023."


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