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SUNDAY 2 June 2024

Monash University U18 Girls Division 1


St Kilda City JFC 12.2.74 def St Peters/Bentleigh 3.5.23

St Kilda City delivered another assertive performance against St Peters/Bentleigh U18 Girls in Round 8, endeavouring to make it 3 wins on the bounce. The match commenced at Wattie Watson Oval with St Kilda City quickly establishing their dominance, securing 18 points by the end of the first quarter, whilst keeping the visitors to 3 minor scores. The second quarter saw the home side’s dominance intensify, with the efficacy of Cleo Phillips and Mikayla Berto propelling St Kilda toward a 37-point lead at the main break. Their relentless offense and impenetrable defence left St Peters/Bentleigh struggling to find their footing. Despite a sizable deficit, St Peters/Bentleigh produced a surge of pressure in the third term, with Sienna Allen, Tess Baxter, and Isabella Colaci kicking their first 3 goals of the game - but it was merely a glimmer of hope against St Kilda's overwhelming lead. St Kilda’s attacking prowess proved too strong for St Peters/Bentleigh as the home side carried their momentum into the second half, keeping St Kilda at arm’s length throughout both the third and fourth quarters. The final term saw St Kilda City put the game beyond doubt, rocketing to an impressive 74-point victory at home, solidifying their position at the top of the Monash University U18 Division 1 Girls Ladder.


Beaumaris 2.6.18 def by Prahran JFC 9.16.70

After an emphatic victory at home in Round 7, Prahran travelled to Beaumaris Secondary College to face a Beaumaris side on the hunt to secure their first points of 2024.  The first quarter set the stage for a fierce contest, with both teams locked at 3 minor scores apiece. An end-to-end matchup continued into the second term, with scoring efforts form both sides keeping the game to a 12-point balance in favour of the visitors at the main break.  The third quarter saw Prahran continue their relentless charge, stretching their lead to an impressive 25 points. Beaumaris, despite their best efforts, managed to add only 8 points to their total as Prahran’s defence remained a fortress. Their offensive line was unstoppable, with Izabela Ignjic, Lily Wallace, and Rosie Ruch converting notable opportunities with clinical efficiency. The final quarter was a testament to Prahran's dominance, as they surged toward a resounding 52-point victory, retaining their formidable win percentage in Monash University U18 Division 1.


Monash University U17.5 Boys Division 1


Bentleigh JFC 7.11.53 def by Waverley Park Hawks 9.7.61

In a pulsating encounter, Waverley Park Hawks triumphed over Bentleigh, delivering an electrifying spectacle at Bentleigh Recreation Reserve. Commencing with an even display of offensive firepower, both sides started strong, however it was Waverley Park Hawks side that took an early lead, kicking 3.1 to Bentleigh’s 1.1. The second term saw Bentleigh claw their way back into game, the tenacity of Thomas Washington, Jackson Morrissey, and Charles Nailon paid off as they narrowed the gap to 5 points at half time. Testing the visitor’s endurance, Bentleigh's relentless pressure saw them add a major score in the third term, however the Hawks responded with precision and flair, extending their lead to 12 points. The final term was a crescendo of thrilling action. Determined to overturn the deficit, Bentleigh surged through Cooper Negrepontis, Isaac Deayton, and Franki Kromidellis, doggedly fighting to find their first lead of the game. In response, Waverley Park matched the home side’s intensity, scoring 2.3 to seal a victory by 8 points in a nail-biting game.


East Sandringham Rovers 7.13.55 def by Prahran JFC 10.4.64

East Sandringham Rovers welcomed Prahran to Boss James Reserve in what was a gripping showdown that delivered pulsating display of talent and tenacity. From the outset, both sides broke even in effort and work rate, however a pair of sharp efforts inside forward 50 gave Prahran 5 points breathing room into the first break. This minor lead sparked Prahran to intensify their performance, with notable performances from Angus Taylor, Marco Verona, Roman Nuttall and Fergus Vile, propelling the visitors toward a 17-point lead at the main change. Regrouping at half time, East Sandringham Rovers found their rhythm, kicking 2.7 to commendably reduce the margin to inside two kicks in the final term. An end-to-end final quarter saw Prahran tested by the Rover’s continued pressure, with Camdyn Collins, Spencer Hawkins, Connor Mao, Angus Zufic, Oren Shevach, Noah Velten all pivotal in keeping the home side in the contest. Despite this, the defense of Prahran proved too strong to penetrate, whilst their swift attacks allowed them to secure a 9 point win away from home.


Mordialloc-Braeside JFC 0.60.60 def. St Bedes/Mentone Tigers AFC 0.0.0

Mordialloc-Braeside won this game via forfeit of St Bedes/Mentone Tigers AFC.


East Brighton Vampires JFC 7.8.50 def by AJAX 11.9.75

A high-octane clash, AJAX soared to an impressive victory over the East Brighton Vampires away at Hurlingham Park. The first quarter featured a fierce exchange, as both teams showcased their offensive firepower. AJAX took an early lead with 19 points, but the Vampires stayed within striking distance, concluding the first quarter at 1.3 to 3.1. The second quarter saw AJAX shift into high gear, their precision and relentless pressure – most notably through Bailey Nussbaum, Hugo Mack Krasnostein, and Dion Zuckerman - added another 25 points to their lead. The home side responded in similar fashion, kicking 3.2 to remain 15 points adrift at the main change. Despite the Vampires best including Connor Tyler and Oliver DiCrosta testing the visitors, AJAX's defense was unyielding in the third term, whilst their attacks were unstoppable. The visitors excelled kicking a further 3.2, whilst the Vampires struggled to penetrate AJAX’s formidable defense, adding only a minor score. East Brighton made a valiant effort in the final quarter, scoring 3.2 points, however a singular major core from AJAX was enough to secure victory, rounding out a 25-point win.


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