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Waverley Park Hawks have come back strong after last week’s victory with an emphatic win over St Bedes/Mentone at Southern Road Reserve.

Despite being light on player numbers, the Tigers’ put up a hard fight this week and did a great job limiting Waverley Park’s scoring opportunities in the beginning of the game.

However, the Hawks came out strong in the second period as they put away six goals, concluding the half with an impressive margin.

As the third quarter was under way, the Hawks were comfortably in the lead and saw some of their backline play up forward for the first time to help impact the scoreboard.

“We’re very focused on team efforts, that’s the main thing we try to reinforce, and today our coach’s awards were given to players that kicked their first goals of the year,” said Waverley Park coach Kamahl Cogdon.

Once the final period was underway Waverley Park had found their rhythm and continued to add players to their list of goalkickers, not taking their foot off the pedal until the final siren sounded.

“We’ve talked a lot about the importance of being a part of a team, and whilst we do have some really outstanding individuals, it’s when you bring them all together that makes a winning team,” Cogdan continued.

Behind 14 individual goalkickers, the Hawks truly worked for each other to bring home the victory.


East Malvern Knights 2.4.16 defeated by Port Melbourne/South Melbourne Districts 4.3.27.

Port/South are now just one game shy of the top spot in the league after this week’s close fought victory against East Malvern at DW Lucas. A quick couple of goals in the first period helped PMSMD get off to a fast lead as they worked to keep the Knights at arm’s length. In a tight game, both teams helped limit the opposition’s chances to leave a mark on the scoreboard. However, once the final siren sounded Port/South found themselves up by 11-points and secured the victory.

East Brighton Vampires 2.3.15 defeated by Mordialloc Braeside 9.10.64.

Mordialloc Braeside have come out on top yet again this week and are enjoying the top spot on the ladder after putting the Vampires away at Hurlingham Park Oval. Whilst they had a slow start offensively, Mordi/Brae had an impressive first half in their backline, keeping their opponents goalless. Both teams turned up the intensity heading into the third and it looked as if East Brighton might be making a comeback. However, Mordi/Brae’s dominant final quarter with 5 goals kicked was enough to secure a 49-point victory. The Mustangs had quite a few goal kickers this week, with Shaedyn Aylen, Charlotte Strom and Shalyn Phillips each kicking two.

Prahran 4.9.33 defeated St Bedes/Mentone Tigers 1.1.7.

Prahran were very pleased to come back after last week’s loss to St Bedes/Mentone and even the score with a victory over the Tigers at Toorak Park. Eager to prove a point to their opposition after the previous week, Prahran got off to a hot start and led by three goals at the main break. They continued to build on this lead, keeping St Bedes/Mentone Goalless up until the final period. Thanks to their determination, Prahran were consistent all game and found themselves up by 26 points when the final siren sounded.


St Peters Bulldogs 8.12.60 defeated Beaumaris Sharks 6.8.44.

St Peters have outmatched Beaumaris this weekend in a game that was competitive until the very last quarter at Highett Reserve. Whilst the Bulldogs would lead through the first two quarters of play, the margin was never convincing, with Beaumaris facing only a 9-point deficit at the half. The Sharks then came flying out the gates in the third and managed to snag the lead before heading into the final period. However, it wasn’t enough to defeat the Bulldogs as they pulled through with an impressive fourth quarter, resulting in a 16-point victory. Brodie Spence paved the way for St Peters with a pair of goals to his name.

Port Melbourne/South Melbourne Districts 14.11.95 defeated Ormond 7.8.50.

Port/South are pleased to chalk up another win for the season, this time against Ormond at Murphy Reserve. PMSMD came to play this week and that was evident from the first bounce as they got off to a quick 21-point lead after only one quarter of play. The Monders did all they could to chip away at the deficit, yet as the game continued PMSMD fell into their rhythm and ended the game up 45. Port/South had some impressive efforts this week, however the victory came off the back of Mitchell Ryan’s impressive bag of 5 goals that he snagged.

St Bedes/Mentone Tigers 13.18.96 defeated East Sandringham Rovers 3.3.21.

St Bedes/Mentone continue their run atop the ladder as they bring home another win this weekend against East Sandringham at Mentone Reserve. The Rovers kept their heads high in the first half as the lead was still within arm’s length. However, once the third period was underway, the Tigers ran off with the game behind 6 goals kicked in the quarter. St Bedes/Mentone continued to impact the scoreboard until the very end, resulting in a convincing victory. Still leading the league in goal kicking are the Tigers’ forwards Luke Dunn and Max Hoult as they both nailed 4 goals each this weekend.

Written by Joel Micari.


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