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Got a Niggle? Don’t get sidelined!

As a young athlete or a parent of a junior sportsperson, it's important to be aware that muscle niggles could be a precursor to more significant injuries. Research shows that if you have a niggle, you are 3 - 6 times more likely to experience a significant injury within the next seven days. Moreover, studies have shown that around 50% of major injuries are preceded by a niggle in the preceding weeks. Therefore, it's crucial not to ignore any persistent or worsening muscle pain, as it could be a sign of an underlying condition that requires attention.

As a young athlete, experiencing muscle soreness after a training session or competition is normal. However, if the pain persists or becomes more severe, it's vital to seek advice from a Sports Physiotherapist. Ignoring muscle pain could lead to further complications and even permanent damage, which could have a detrimental impact on sports performance and overall health. Learn how to look after your body like the pros – get timely advice and stay on track!

As a parent, it's essential to listen to your child's complaints of muscle pain and take them seriously. Young athletes may not always realize the severity of their pain and may attempt to push through it. However, any complaints of muscle pain should be taken seriously, and advice from a Sports Physiotherapist should be sought if the pain persists. Ignoring the pain could increase the risk of injury and prolong recovery time.

Moreover, muscle pain can be an indication of an underlying condition, such as overuse injuries that can lead to chronic pain and long-term damage. Seeking advice from a Sports Physiotherapist early can help identify the cause of the pain and provide proper treatment to prevent further injury.

Ignoring muscle pain could also lead to compensatory movements, which could cause strain or injury in other parts of the body. This could negatively affect sports performance and lead to frustration for the athlete.

As a parent, it's important to encourage your child to speak up about any muscle pain or discomfort they may experience. Early intervention is better than letting the issue become a more serious problem that could impact their athletic career and overall health.

To enhance your performance and reduce your risk of significant injury – Act EARLY on NIGGLES.

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