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In this episode of From the Bench, Cam and Ian speak to Property Investment Specialist OpenCorp’s Director Cam McLellan about the historic Community Fund initiative, of which they are the Major Partner. The boys also sit down with SMJFL Dietitian Sarina Lococo to talk about how to find the best healthy snacks for you. Then, the boys chat with Eugene from Options Consulting Group about the differences between a CV and an executive summary. Also, hear from Rodney at Top Notch Trophies about the most bizarre requests he’s ever had for trophies.

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‘From the Bench with Cam & Ian’ is a new weekly podcast by the South Metro Junior Football League, created to help the community stay up-to-date with the league.

Timecodes 1:11 – Healthy Bites with Sarina – Learn how to find the best healthy snacks for you To access the Baker Institute healthy snack guide, click here. 8:25 – Own It with OpenCorp – Interview with Cam McLellan from OpenCorp about the SMJFL Community Fund, of which they are the Major Partner 13:21 – OCG Hot Tip of the Week – The differences between a CV and executive summary 14:37 – Lockdown with Leachy – Interview with Rodney from Top Notch Trophies Click here to see the hilarious trophy Rodney crafted! If you’re interested in partnering with Top Notch Trophies, click here to see how.

Audio ‘I Feel Like Partying Right Now’ – Nat Keefe & Beatmower (YouTube Audio Library) ‘Potato Deal’ – Craig MacArthur (YouTube Audio Library) ‘Straight’ – Bensound ‘Dreams’ – Bensound Prison door sound effect – ‘This is a Jazz Space’ – Midnight North (YouTube Audio Library) ‘In the Land of Rhinoplasty (Sting)’ – Jingle Punks (YouTube Audio Library)


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