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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – AFL Victoria Return to Training Protocols

Further to the memo distributed Saturday 16 May, AFL Vic return to train protocols have now been released and are available by clicking here.

Although AFL Vic has determined training can start from Monday 25 May, all clubs will be required to establish they can/will meet each of the requirements stipulated in the protocols prior to being approved to commence training.

To demonstrate how each club has/will meet the requirements they will be required to submit the SMJFL’s online Jotform to outline the steps taken/to be taken to train in a safe and responsible environment. Once received and approved by the SMJFL, the league will consult with each respective Council before final approval is given.

To confirm, approval will be given to individual clubs rather than on a league wide basis. This will allow clubs to resume training when they are deemed ready (no earlier than 25 May).

Please allow for one business day for SMJFL staff to assess and approve completed items once they have been submitted and additional time for Council approval.

Please note, these AFL Vic protocols address a return to training only. Community leagues have not been provided return to play protocols yet. The league will continue to update clubs as this information comes to hand.


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