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Dineamic signs on with SMJFL

The South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) has welcomed Australian meal manufacturer Dineamic as a League Preferred Partner.

Dineamic, founded in 2008 by AFL premiership player Jason Johnson and dietitian Karen Inge as a catering company, initially focused on catering quality food to elite athletes.

Now focusing on ready-made meals, Dineamic has joined the league in supporting its Healthy Club Canteens initiative by supplying bulks food to the SMJFL’s member clubs.

Upon signing up for the Healthy Club Canteens initiative, the SMJFL’s member clubs will receive a starter pack including one soup kettle and fresh, balanced and nutrient dense soups and meals from Dineamic to the value of $500.

Dineamic co-founder Jason Johnson and SMJFL Health Promotion & Nutrition Manager Sarina Lococo

Co-founder Jason Johnson spoke of Dineamic’s mission.

“The Dineamic team is super excited to form a relationship with the SMJFL and join the league’s mission to ensure safe and healthy food environments for its member clubs,” said Mr Johnson.

“We feel that being able to connect with the SMJFL community will help us with our cause. It aligns really well with our mission as a company to make Australia healthier one meal at a time.”

SMJFL Health Promotion and Nutrition Manager Sarina Lococo said Dineamic will play a key role in the league’s Healthy Club Canteens program, derived from the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices initiative.

“Healthy Choices is a Victorian Government initiative and its really about helping clubs put in healthier choices into their clubs,” said Ms Lococo.

“It’s a traffic light system, so green choices are the best choices, whereas red might be sometimes foods and not the healthiest of choices.”

“The SMJFL is pleased to welcome Dineamic who will supply a great variety of green items to our member clubs,” she said.

To learn more about Dineamic and their products, head to


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