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On Tuesday 1 March, the South Metro Junior Football League was privileged to be in attendance for the opening of the Danny Frawley Centre for Health and Wellbeing at RSEA Park, Moorabbin.

The Danny Frawley Centre looks to honour the late St. Kilda Football Club captain and bring his dream to fruition of creating a facility to aid those in our community with their mental health.

SMJFL CEO Matthew Brown attended the opening event along with some of the sporting industry’s brightest with great anticipation of the facility’s unveiling.

“The league is very excited to see the (Danny Frawley) Centre open, which will provide plenty of support and benefit to the SMJFL community,” Brown said.

The centre will officially open to the public on March 7, offering as range of facilities with a distinct focus on both physical and mental health.

Initially, the Wellbeing Centre and swimming pool will be available for public use, with its community gym, yoga studio and recovery centre to be completed in the coming months.

Free programs will be offered to those in the community up until April 28, which coincides with the 38th anniversary of Frawley’s first game played at Moorabbin.

Frawley, who played for St Kilda from 1984-1995 was quite vocal on prioritising mental health and removing the stigma around it before tragically passing at 56, in September of 2019.

“All of us here at SMJFL believe in the principals that Danny (Frawley) stood for and are proud to have a part in this facility’s operations,” Brown continued.

With his famous No.2 Guernsey retired and hanging in the centre, Frawley’s legacy as both a footballer and mental health advocate will be immortalised as part of football history at RSEA Park.

Written by Joel Micari.


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