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The SMJFL Umpire Academy was established in 2018 and ensures umpires are provided with the best possible program to help them develop and provide clubs with a professional umpiring program for match days.


The SMJFL Umpire Academy aims to be the industry leader in developing Australian Rules Umpires who consistently display a higher level of understanding of the rules which are applied in a fair, consistent and professional manner.


The SMJFL Umpire Academy will provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment in which a structured development program for all umpires is delivered, focusing on skills, knowledge and fitness. We will encourage regular attendance at training sessions and provide mentors to assist and develop umpires in game day situations.

Key features of the program:

  • All umpires and staff are inducted prior to the season

  • Two umpires appointed to all games

  • Umpires categorised into the following levels based on experience:

    • Novice

    • Intermediate

    • Experienced

  • Novice umpires appointed with Intermediate or Experienced umpires

  • Personal development sessions incorporated into trainings (held Mondays & Wednesdays)

  • Greater focus on recruiting umpires of all ages (not just juniors)

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