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Monday Monash Review: Round 8


Round 8 of the South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) season marked the return to junior football in Melbourne’s South-East after the winter school holiday break.

Here is the Round 8 Monday Monash Review.

Under 17 ½ Boys Division 1 – Beaumaris FC U17 Boys Sharks vs Bentleigh FC

The Beaumaris and Bentleigh boys have been sitting even throughout the season, both with one loss and one win since the end of the regrading process. Sunday saw the Demons top the Sharks with a 25-point victory (9.9-63 to 5.8-38), placing them in fourth place on the Under 17 Boys Division 1 ladder.

Bentleigh took the lead early with three goals in the first term.

Beaumaris persevered until the final siren and their efforts showed as they steadily gained on Bentleigh’s lead throughout the game.

Bentleigh’s star goal kickers Anthony Liakakos and Harry Richards booted seven goals between them and were hot in their forward 50.

Beaumaris shared their talent in goal scoring throughout their team with five players each scoring individual goals.

Next Sunday the Demons will face the East Sandringham, while Beaumaris will challenge the undefeated ladder-topping SPMJFC SPJFC Xav’s Central Saints.

Under 17 ½ Boys Division 2 – St Bedes / Mentone Tigers U17 Div 2 vs Caulfield Bears JFC U17

The St Bedes / Mentone Tigers proved why they are second on the Under 17 Boys Division 2 Ladder as they beat the Caulfield Bears by 54-points (12.8-80 to 4.2-26) at Mentone Reserve.

St Bedes / Mentone were rearing to go from the first siren, preventing the Bears from scoring even a point until after halftime.

In what might have been their best team victory so far this season, the Tigers scored six goals alone in just the final term.

Tigers duo Andreas Stefanakis and Jasper Moodie are a pair to watch out for, racking up impressive numbers game after game.

Stefanakis has booted three goals in each of his previous three games, Moodie not far behind him with a total of seven goals in the past three games.

Under 17 ½ Boys Division 3 – Mordialloc Braeside U17.5 Boys Div 3 vs East Malvern JFC (Red)

Mordialloc Braeside and East Malvern’s Sunday clash was not one to miss as East Malvern claimed a tight 14-point victory over Mordi Brae (11.9-75 to 9.7-61).

East Malvern had an extraordinary start to the match, scoring 11 goals by the time the half time siren sounded on Gerry Green Reserve.

Although early performance signalled it may have been game over for the Mordi Brae Mustangs, the game flipped after half time.

The Mustangs shifted from a trot to a gallop as they prevented East Malvern from scoring any further goals and scored seven of their own before the final siren.

The astounding comeback was not enough to top East Malvern’s spectacular start but was still a great effort.

Both teams had an even spread of star goalkickers. Mordi Brae duo Samuel Ralph and Archer Kenny scored six goals between them, while East Malvern’s pair Ben Ball and William Beattie scored five goals combined.

Under 18 Girls Division 1 – East Brighton Vampires JFC Kerrison/Day vs Beaumaris FC U18 Girls Sharks

The Beaumaris Sharks defeated the East Brighton Vampires in a domineering performance on Sunday, seizing a 76-point win (16.10-106 to 4.6-30).

While the Sharks were strong all game, their last quarter was one to remember with five additional goals on the scoreboard with 100 per cent accuracy.

Portia Ronsberg was on fire for the Sharks as the footy continued to find its way back into her hands, and she booted a resounding nine goals.

With Ronsberg carrying the Sharks into Round 9, they will next face St Kilda City. East Brighton will be looking for a win when they next take on St Bedes / Mentone Tigers.

Under 18 Girls Division 2 – East Sandringham JFC (1) vs Prahran JFC U18G Suriano

Prahran have risen to second place on the Under 18 Girls Division 2 ladder after they defeated East Sandringham by 39-points on Sunday (11.4-70 to 4.7-31).

With only an 11-point difference at half time, the game could have easily swung either way. Prahran set gained momentum when they returned in the third term and set the tone for the rest of the game.

Prahran’s Eloise Faulks was the leading goal kicker of the game, scoring four goals. She was followed by her teammates Chloe Darby and Zoe Mckernan who scored two goals apiece.

East Sandringham will be looking to redeem themselves when they take on the Waverley Park Hawks in Round 9. Prahran will be aiming for another victory when they go head-to-head against the Ajax Comets.


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